Slang in PD and Rosto is Spike from Buffy

I really admire your ability to make up slang, and then use it consistently throughout the book. How did you do it?! Was it easy for you?

Tammy: Easier than it might have been, since I used a book called SLANG THROUGHOUT THE AGES! (I’m not good at making things up.) I went for words that were in use preferably around the 1300s, but went as late as the 1500s-1600s if I had to. Since it focuses mostly on words for rowdy things like crime, sex, body parts, prisons, and executions, it worked perfectly for these books. The problem with other slang books was that you had to know the word first and then look it up. With this one, I looked up the category and looked for the word and the time it was used.

I also enjoyed Rosto the Piper. His vanity, and his hair color for that matter, reminded me of another character I adore.

Tammy: Spike from Buffy?

I mean, I also liked him for himself, but it’s just that that’s the kind of character I enjoy–one who isn’t all self-sacrifice for the sake of good.

Tammy: I do try not to do those. I mean, my heroes try to protect people, but I try to make them real, not do-gooders. I don’t know anyone like that.

And the things he said made me laugh… 🙂

Tammy: He is a naughty boy. 😉

SOURCE: [LJ 14107]