Yamani names

I was just curious about that “noh” that Tammy used in her two main Yamani females’ names. As in, Haname noh Ajikuro and Yukimi noh Daiomoru. Is that simply part of their surname, or does it signify something deeper, like some kind of link to a matr- or patrilineal line? I don’t know anything about Japanese/Yamani name structure, and I was wondering if “noh” was part of their family name or if it was independent of it, and if Tammy had derived it from something similar in a Japanese name.

Tammy: In this case, the “h” is simply there to indicate the o is long. In the Tortallan universe only, Having “noh” in your name signifies that you are a descendant of the original imperial line.

SOURCE: [78325]