Vania, Ilane, and Thayet

…so there’s another one?

Tammy: Vania, the youngest of the royals.

Wow, she and Ilane are machine women.

Tammy: Actually, there are woman today who have that many routinely. Of course, there are major health risks in our world, and to the women who can’t afford the best mages or who have serious physical complications during birth in Tortall. In that world there is still childbed fever and infant mortality for those who are poor.

Thayet finally said enough: she’d secured any alliances Jon might want, and Ilane just said she was tired. (She liked having babies, and she was in really good shape for it–shape she kept up with a lot of exercises she learned from an old local midwife who was also a mage.)

Gee, you’re right, Daine was 26. She might have had a hard time anyway, even without the shapeshifter. Good thing she’s one herself, eh?

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