Thom or Numair?

I have always wondered who was the most powerful mage. Was it Thom or Numair Salmalin?

Tammy: Seriously, I think it’s a question of apples and oranges, or rather, of different tactics. They were taught in different schools, and Numair would have had some combat experience, traveling with Ozorne on holidays, where Thom had only the usual hallway duel. I’d also look at the temperaments. Numair might be less confident out the gate, but Thom gets over-confident, where Numair finds his center and bears down. It would depend on who found the better duel, but if Numair got the opening, it wouldn’t matter if Thom’s technique was better–after a certain point, Numair can draw on sheer power. So Thom would have to out-think him fast, and Numair’s kinda hard to out-think once he gets steady on his feet.

SOURCE: [46176]