Thom Cooper vs. Thom of Trebond

Tammy: As for Thom, there’s no reason whatever to think he’d be like his uncle. Thom Cooper is bookish through love of books; Thom of Trebond was searching for secrets and power. Thom Cooper loves his younger sibs and kept an eye on them as long as he could, His greatest wish is to serve the crown, like his parents. He’s really a sweet kid, once you get his attention. He loves animals, and if you want a babysitter, he’s your guy. Even the crankiest babies quiet down for him. (Some of the other mage students at the university are married and have kids.)

His biggest flaw, and the one that stands between him and royal service, is that he’s not quick on his feet as a mage. He can cast perfect spells, given time and materials, but if he has to think something up in a hurry, based on only things at hand, he tends to freeze.

SOURCE: [62950]