The Royal University, Exchanges, and the Bazhir school

Tammy: The Royal University is actually mostly academic, though there are schools for healing which teach both magic and academics, and a school for mages. You can enter if you pass the examinations, which means between the ages of 14 and 16 for most people.

Most programs end with a scholar’s degree at about four years, but again, you have to pass examinations. You can stay on for a Master’s degree for advanced scholarship if you want to teach on the university level there or at other schools, but a scholar’s degree is enough to get you work teaching at royal schools or employment at libraries where they value scholarship; a two-year instructor’s degree is enough to get you work as a tutor with the right recommendations. That’s all the Brain Train stuff–the engineering instruction, healer’s instruction, and mage instruction is good for real work. And they sometimes swap instructors and do inter-school year abroad with the universities in Carthak and Udayapur. I think with the Yamani marriage there’s even talk of an exchange program with the Yamani university.

The Bazhir school is flourishing, but it’s mobile, like the Bazhir. Some scholars are invited to come and lecture, and some actually stay; some Bazhir come to the university to study. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening!

SOURCE: [49281]