The New Age Baby Name Book

I was just wondering how Tamora came up with the last name Salmalin.  Did you hear it some where or just think of it?

Tammy: The New Age Baby Name Book.

This was back during a very brief spasm when I thought it would be nice if I picked names that actually meant something. This is also when I was picking names whole from the book, before I started tinkering with spellings.

Then I discovered that matching names to personalities slowed down the beginnings of the books even more than they are already as I stop every other sentence to look something up or name someone new, so I stopped it. But I knew geeky old Arram Draper would want a majorly cool mage name to announce to the world he was a mighty black robe, no longer the geek who fell off his horse and forgot to take spells down before he left the room. . . .

Sarge’s real name, which I only ever gave once, is the only other name I plucked whole from the book: Musenda Ogunsanwo.

SOURCE: [63098]