The Book of Silver, Reign of the Contés, and Old Ones

Tammy: The Conté family is in The Book of Silver, because Coram was nattering about Trebond being in The Book of Gold. The Conté family took the throne four Jonathans ago–the first Conté king was a Jonathan. That would have been about . . . um . . . 300 years ago. (The Old Ones were gone about 2500 years ago!)

The Old King, Jasson II, was Jon’s grandfather, which puts his day about 90-odd years ago.

So if you folks, who have read the books more recently, don’t know anything to contradict that, this means I am 100 years into the Conté reign.

And before you ask, I don’t know the house who held the throne before them. I’ll let you know when I think of it!

SOURCE: [54180]