Pregnancies and Choices

Tammy: Sarralyn is definitely loved, anyway. I don’t think Daine could even have safely had an abortion (she was more than three months along when she even realized she was pregnant)–though abortions are done by potions or spells–but she wouldn’t have wanted one. She was 24, after all, and while she wouldn’t have chosen a time when she was needed on the northern border, since it was forced on her, she was happy to follow through.

There are pregnancies that happen when someone doesn’t get a charm (they listen to silly ideas like “you can’t get pregnant your first time,” and a lot of other idiotic theories), loses a charm, the magic on the charm isn’t good, their charm is taken, they get pregnant and for any number of reasons decide not to follow through. The women can choose to have the child and give it up, or they can have an abortion, hopefully with healers who are good enough that it’s safe. Like real medicine, it’s as safe as your doctor.

It’s like anywhere, you have stupid people and you have smart ones. Smart ones try to plan for their bodies as much as they can. And I’m prejudiced, I admit. If I’m going to spend as much time with people as I need to in order to write a book or several books about them, I’d prefer they be smart. Stupid people aggravate the hell out of me. If one of my girls got caught, and it might yet happen, she would do her best to be responsible. That’s what I hope all girls and women would do.

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