Peerage and Titles

Tammy: Okay, here are the ones I use, and they’re all dependent upon the inheritance of a title, which is usually bound to the inheritance of property:

  1. Duke
  2. Count (Raoul is a count’s heir)
  3. Lord (I didn’t want to use Viscount because it’s French-based)
  4. Baron

Lord and Count are actually pretty much equal–you see Lords in the southern half of Tortall where the title would be Count in the north, which is why there’s a Lord in charge of Port Legann. As you’ll see in Provost’s Dog, the southern half of what we know as Tortall was originally a separate country with its own way of doing things.

Sir and Lady Knight are titles granted to individuals by the crown and aren’t passed on. Alanna prefers “Sir” because she was making a point. Kel prefers “Lady Knight” because she’s making a different point. Jon just throws up his hands and tells the Master of Ceremonies to ask the ladies for their preference.

SOURCE: [50590]