News from Fief Cavall and from Rajumat

Tammy: News from Fief Cavall:
Lord Wyldon and his wife Lady Vivenne today announced the betrothal of their youngest daughter, Margarry, to Lord Wyldon’s former squire, Sir Owen of Jesslaw. Court gossip has it that young Lady Margarry informed her father of her choice of husband, upon which his lordship was then heard to mutter, “At least the boy’s half-broken to bridle.” Other court gossip reports that Sir Owen’s reply to requests about his reaction to his betrothal were that he finds Lady Margarry “quite jolly,” and that she likes horses and dogs as much as he does.

News from Rajmuat in the Copper Isles:
Alianne Crow, Spymistress to the Crown, was delivered of triplets in April, to the rejoicing of her mate, Nawat. In accordance with raka custom, which decrees that children should not have the same name of those who have gone before, the two girls are named Ochobai and Ulasu, and the boy is named Junim. Her royal majesty Queen Dovasary, and the captain of her guard, Taybur Sibigat, will stand as godsparents to the triplets. According to Chenaol, head cook at the palace, Aly’s first remark when shown her children was, “Thank the Goddess they didn’t come out as eggs. That’s what I was afraid of.”

SOURCE: [54497]