Neal’s daughter and Kel (Feb. 2005)

Neal’s daughter… I know a lot of people have brought it up, that we heard from the seer child in PotS that Neal’s daughter will go for her knighthood. Firstly, i think that would be AWESOME!! And, it would rock to have a book about her (If tammy thinks of it, or has time).

Tammy: I’m going to do it, but really, you’re going to have to wait at least 7 years,* because I want to do at least one or two Kel books after I finish this contract, and I would like a year’s vacation after I finish this contract (in 2010)! You know, vacation? I haven’t had one since the 1980s, and I’d like to try having one where I could afford to go somewhere! (Japan? Tim says he’ll go to Japan. Europe? Never been there. Wow. I can afford to go to those places now!)

* Post quoted from 2005

SOURCE: [50570]