Naming Liam

Tammy: Liam also helped keep Thayet and Buri alive (and vice versa) in Saraine and the Roof of the World. Who wouldn’t want to name their kid after a great hero who died to defend their country? This was one of those things everyone agreed on.

It was Thayet’s idea, actually. They were about to nod off when Jon heard her say in the dark, kind of defensively, “I want to name him Liam, if it’s a boy.”

He picked up her hand and kissed it. “Thank you. It’s a good choice–a wonderful one. And it will offend none of my nobles, thank Mithros.”

Thayet’s voice trembled slightly. “That isn’t why I suggested it.”

“I know it isn’t.” Jon turned over and gathered his wife close. “I would have liked it even if it had offended my entire court. I always wished I could have thanked him.”

SOURCE: [58494]