Liankokami and Succession to the Throne

Tammy: And Roald and Shinkokami have a daughter, Lianokami.

Tammy: The fiefdoms are not all governed by primogeniture–if the only heir is female, it goes to her. And Jonathan and Thayet, as co-monarchs, quietly put it through that succession is no longer secured to the male line, but the royal line, to ensure more heirs. Not that it matters in their case, because Roald already has an heir, so his sisters and brother are out of the loop unless something happens to him and to Liano. When Kally married Kaddar, she signed documents taking herself out of the succession to prevent the crown passing to Carthak. (Think how messed up it would be, for Ozorne to fail at the conquest of Tortall, only to have Kaddar get it by marriage!) That means should anything happen to Roald and Liano, the succession would pass to Liam.

SOURCE: [60085]