K’miri, Saren, and Maren

So, what people were the K’Miri people based on? And the Saraine and Maren people

Tammy: Actually, they’re based partly on the Mongols in that they’re riders, partly on the Montagnard tribes of the central highlands of Vietnam, and a bit on the Maya at least in their facial bones. Their language is cobbled from the Montagnard. You may have some trouble tracking pictures of them down, but they come from similar aboriginal stock to the Laotian Hmong and Meo tribes and the Thai hill tribes. And their armor is a bit like the armor of the samurai, only it’s lacquer over bamboo in layers and cured to an iron-like consistency.

Saren culture is a mix of Eastern lands culture and a dash of Vietnamese/Cambodian culture, but not too much, because those are jungle cultures (with dress for warmer climates and foods for same), and Saraine is close to the Roof of the World. Maren is one of the pure Eastern Lands, with a culture much like that of Tortall and Tusaine.

SOURCE: [47228]