Kaddar, Kally, and Daine

Tammy: Kally, like other characters who “disappear,” ran afoul of the problem that a good book has to be about the main character and those characters who are involved directly in his or her own story. A lot of people wanted to know why a bunch of characters from Kel’s training days “disappeared” in LADY KNIGHT, when they were simply posted somewhere else in Tortall. I can tell you what people are doing, because I know, but unless I can justify mentioning them in a book (and even then I don’t usually get to go into whys and whats)–Kally’s mentioned in QUEEN, I can’t just write them in. Yes, Kally’s making trouble, but since she was raised to be a queen, she’s doing it in a queenly way, and mostly who she makes it for is Kaddar. She is definitely stirring things up at the Carthaki court, among the Carthaki noblewomen, but she knows just how far she can go.

In the end, Daine frightened Kaddar, as she frightens most people. He didn’t really fancy her that much, though she dressed up well. Daughter of moon ocean is right, Kaddar and Kally had an arranged marriage–royals don’t marry for love, however much they may claim to nowadays–but it’s becoming love, which happens when the people involved are lucky and work at it.

SOURCE: [45595]