Jon and the Chamber of Ordeal

In regards to a recent thread in the Dove where we were pondering what exactly the King saw in the Chmaber of the Ordeal (both as a knight and as a king)? There was something in ITHOTG that he kept on waking up screaming from his dreams of it.

Tammy: What was disturbing enough to trouble the young royal so? Fear of failure? fear of being helpless, of being a terrible king despite his efforts, of being hated by his people and scorned by history? Fear of dying before he could realise his dream to become one of the greatest kings in Tortallan history? His parents or friends’ deaths? Fear of losing his power?Failure, of course–seeing himself striving, only to come up short, watching the kingdom fall into chaos, his friends turn on him, poverty come on the people and the blame falling squarely on him, his name becoming a joke, not knowing what to do and everything he tried turning out wrong. Seeing those he loved murdered by his enemies while he watched, powerless and useless.

Everything Jon’s become as a king has been to redeem his father’s mistakes and to ensure that what the Chamber showed him will never, ever happen.

SOURCE: [64483]