Ideas From History and the Raka People

Tammy: The raka are actually based on any conquered/enslaved people of the past. The same issues come up in any part of the world, be it the Indonesian archipelago, the American side of the slave trade, the Haitian side of the slave trade, the Brazilian side of the slave trade, the Roman slave culture, the Chinese slave culture, the British conquest of India, white Europeans conquering aboriginal Americans in North, Central, and South America, the Norman conquest of Saxon England. . .

In every place and time you run into the same prejudices about “masters” intermarrying with “slaves,” the burning resentments of the conquered for their conquerors, those who achieve freedom somehow and fight to keep it so they don’t end up like their slave relatives, the dangers of the conquerors who go alone into the countryside among the “wild” conquered, and the constant fear of the conquered of slave revolts.

What actually started me thinking was Alexander the Great handing the rule of Egypt over to one of his generals (Cleopatra was one of his descendants) and wondering how the Egyptians felt about that, but as I wrote, I realized I was writing a lot of what I knew from the Norman conquest, and the Haitian slave rebellions, and American slave culture, and then expanded from there. You can just get so many ideas from history, and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

SOURCE: [47320]