George’s birthyear and a Spiffy Timeline

Terrier tells us it’s 400 H.E.

But basic math says it’s 412 H.E.

Kel’s second year as a page is 453 H.E. (according to Page). Fourteen years before was when Jon was crowned and Alanna killed Josiane. (In First Test Joren tells us, “The King’s Champion killed a Copper Island princess thirteen years ago.” Now, unless Alanna made a habit of this…) This makes Alanna 20 years old and George 27 in the year 439 H.E. Ergo, George was born in 412. Making him Eleni Cooper’s naughty 6-year-old son in 418 H.E., not 406.

Tammy: This is because I screwed up and I suck at m-m-m-math.

Timeline Timeline Timeline. God I love that thing.

Tammy: My God. This is a thing of extraordinary splendor!

SOURCE: [75811]