Expect the Different From Weiryn

Tammy: A woodlands and mountain hunt god who, when he interacts with humans at all, interacts mostly with hunters–who tend to be pretty solitary in those settings–and the odd female who wanders off by herself. He’s also never had a kid before–he’s relatively young as gods go–and is still getting used to this idea of being interested in them long after they leave the nest, or the herd, or whatever.

He’s also extremely rare among gods in that he married his mortal love interest. Not only that, but he called in an awful lot of divine favors to have her made a goddess, too. It should tell you something about how very wonderful Sarra was to him, to make him so devoted and steadfast, when gods aren’t the most faithful of creatures, and to make him believe he wanted a relationship longer than a century or two.

In other words, expect the different from Weiryn. It’s these mountain men–or gods. In the long run, you never know what they’re going to do, and you hardly ever know why, because they’re not exactly chatterboxes.

SOURCE: [54636]