Duke Gareth’s Finger

What happened to Duke Gareth’s finger?

dameragnall: 3) It was something really stupid, like he got it slammed in the Chamber door and it had to be amputated. But he doesn’t mention that aspect, in order to make the Ordeal seem scarier and more mysterious to young, impressionable, pages. “I lost this in the Chamber of the Ordeal” sounds much more portentios that “I slammed this in the door of hte Chamber of the Ordeal.”

Tammy: I sorta like #3 myself, but the truth is, he lost it in combat during the Old King’s wars!

It mentions in AtFA that he lost his finger in the Chamber of the Ordeal.

Armitage135: I think what Tammy means is that he lied he didn’t lose it in the chamber he just told the new pages that to scare them.

SOURCE: [37522]