Tammy: She’s 5’5. Before she got pregnant she was still fairly thin, though not as bony as when she met Onua. As a girl she’s shy except when she’s around the people she knows well, when she’s pretty emphatic. Farm girl who’s good with looking after animals in an ordinary sense until she’s thirteen, and then the other stuff after.

Of course she changed her name when they married–it’s the reason he was able to get her to marry him a week before Sarralyn was born, because she didn’t want her child carrying her mother’s name, as she did! But for the most part the world knows her as Daine the Wildmage. She’s gained confidence as an adult, so she doesn’t come off as being so shy anymore, though she gets a little frayed, having two children to look after. Numair helps a lot–he likes being a Papa, and doesn’t mind things like diapers. (Well, Daine doesn’t either.) (Of course, some of the household help they have at home is a little odd, and the kids have the most interesting playmates there.)

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