Daine, Invertebrates, and Chickens

We know how she feels about hunting – she won’t eat game, but will eat animals that are not hunted. We know she cares about letting the underdog survive.  But what does she think about insects?

Tammy: She can’t talk to invertebrates at all. She can talk to the kraken–his neural net is huge, so it processes the same number of neurons (if not more) as a vertebrate. I’ll bet she can talk with giant octopi and squid, too, for the name reason.

Yes, the bugs in the Realms are gods, so it stands to reason she can talk to them.

She doesn’t eat the creatures she’s been, because it’s just too weird. Also, she’s been hunted in those forms, so she doesn’t like the memories. But she’s very much a carnivore among those animals she hasn’t been, so she stays away from being farmyard animals.

I’ve asked her not to be so chickenist, since I met a very nice chicken and liked her a lot, but Daine won’t be persuaded. She said I wasn’t inside Chicken’s head, and she can be. I finally gave up trying to convince her. She just hasn’t met the right chickens, that’s all.

SOURCE: [76251]