Cataclysmic Result of the Gods’ Deaths

Tammy: You can kill a human-like god, since wars and murder are part of what makes us human, but the result would be cataclysmic, on an order no one likes to contemplate. If Chaos won, remember, it would be the end, the overwhelming, of everything humanity and the gods found necessary. Even when Kyprioth took his major defeat, he was simply exiled to the ends of the universe, not killed (they really don’t want Mom and Dad showing up, either), and his consort the Jaguar Goddess is chained, not dead. (Of course, no one is exactly exerting themselves to free her.)

Defeat, yes. Kill, no. Unless you want to kiss the mortal realms bye-bye, in the case of a Great God. If you kill a lesser god, like Weiryn, prepare to see the lands in which he’s worshipped be destroyed–in which case you’ve got all the other gods with responsibilities there looking for you. Best to think of something else.

SOURCE: [53519]