Busy Aly and Eastern Prejudice

Tammy: Aly’s also going to be really busy for a very long time, establishing her networks, contacts and informants throughout the Isles and abroad, checking up on all the doubtful people who might be troublesome, and rooting out tiny pockets of rebellion. It’s going to take years, even decades. She has good help, but she’ll need more, and she needs to be vigilant against newcomers all the time. She also has to build her alliances with foreign services, at least as far as mutual advantage goes, so she can do some business with Dad. But of course both have to be on the lookout for the next trick, from one another and from their rivals.

Easterners tend to frown on blood oaths as nasty magic–there’s a prejudice against it. Aly’s of the “whatever works” school, and the raka use it all the time (which is where the luarin picked it up).

SOURCE: [45410]