Blue-Blooded Nobles and Insanity

Tammy: Thom would have been insane about raising the dead only if he’d had no Gift and wasn’t planning to dig them up. Or even if he did dig them up and thought he could do the spells despite having the Gift.

But seriously, folks, if you go back far enough in anyone’s tree, you’ll find everyone’s family had some nutballs, to greater and lesser extent, in it. And these days, with everyone in some kind of therapy or on some kind of medications at some point in her/his life, is it even fair to use it as a judgment?

I had to cut a whole bit with Kel and one of the other squires facing the Ordeal who was genuinely afraid he would go mad and who knew of a previous squire who had suffered a psychotic break in the Chamber. It made for too much book, so it had to go.

But it’s a joke. Everyone has someone who copes with alternate realities in their family trees, going sideways along the cousins, or back along the greats. Alanna and Co. are simply being puckish.

And when you’re a blue-blooded noble in The Book of Gold like Lord Alan, you’re not crazy, only eccentric.

SOURCE: [57722]