Age Gaps

Tammy: A point here, one that not everyone may know about. After Numair, I got so many screeching protests about age gaps and my own love of older men that I have publicly sworn never again to have a humongous age gap between my female heroes and the people they end up with (George is seven years older than Alanna, Numair 14 years older than Daine*). Taybur is 35 or thereabouts.

They would have come looking for me with torches and pitchforks. For Aly, for Dove. Trust me.

I was thinking Winna, but I asked her, and she says she doesn’t think she would want to have another husband after Mequen. She might change her mind, but not for a long time.

Yes, Taybur and Aly flirted. Neither or them could help flirting, anymore than they could help breathing. But Aly at one point thought that if she thought for a moment he was serious, she’d have to put him at arm’s length, because her real interest is in Nawat.

* Originally mistyped as “17 years older than Aly.”

SOURCE: [44218]