Tammy: I don’t know how long pygmy marmosets live, but Zek, his mate, and his descendants live in the royal menagerie in Corus, in Tortall. (Actually, there’s a little door in their habitat where they can wander out and poke around in the palace if they like. Zek’s children, like their father, are very interested in everything. So if you look up at the draperies somewhere, or if you’re eating grapes and one goes missing, chances are you’re having an enhanced-intelligence marmoset moment.)

And this is going on with all of the animals who live around Daine. Must be an interesting area to live . . .

Tammy: And Zek has a new mate. He couldn’t find the old one–he’d have had to search all Carthak. But the new one is a very cool marmosetess, and they are quite happy together!

SOURCE: [19924]