Zahir and Joren

Zahir and Joren.  Why do they like each other?  Why do they like each other? They’re both ultra-conservative, so according to SOTL they should hate each other, because Zahir is a Bazhir and Joren is an old-fashioned noble.  Also, how did Zahir become a page? Did Jon nobilize (is that even a word?) his family?

Tammy: “The enemy of my enemy is also my friend.” They became friends because they both respected the same traditional “manly” ideals, and both saw Kel as an offense against nature. They probably didn’t talk other politics very much, just the increase of females in the fighting professions. And in any case, Zahir realized that he had more important things to do than bully people who were already there to stay.

The Bazhir women made headway in one tribe because Alanna was shaman whether the Bazhir liked it or not. Kourrem and Kara have made some inroads, but it’s still going to be a long, slow process, going better in some tribes than in others.

And Jon did create fiefdoms for Bazhir lords, precisely so he could get the Bazhir into the ranks of knights.

SOURCE: [13003]