So, I was wondering what the Mages wore at the Royal University of Tortall? The Carthaki students have coloured robes signifying what level they’re at… do Tortallans have that too?  And since I’m asking, what’s the order of the Carthaki robes, does anybody know?“A scarlet robe from the university in Carthak means you have your mastery–the same level as the Mithran black-and-gold robe. University yellow robes are adepts.”Another quote: p. 164 in “Emperor Mage”

“White robes, explained Kaddar, plain or with colored trim, meant a novice in any program of study. Wide bands of color at cuffs and hem meant the wearer was a journeyman in his course of study. Sold-colored robes indicated mastery; trim on a solid-colored robe meant advanced mastery.” So… in conclusion (so far)…

Carthaki System:
White -> Novice
Yellow -> Expert
Red/Scarlet -> Mastery
Black -> Uber Advanced Mastery

Tortall System:
Mithran black-and-gold -> Mastery

Another question: Mithran and University aren’t the same, are they?

Tammy: The university is on the north bank of the Olorun, at the edge of the city, so if anything blows up, it won’t take too many people with it.

Robe colors are pretty much the same through the university system (there’s one in Maren and Galla, but they don’t have very good departments for magical studies like the Tortallan one and the Carthaki one), as an accurate measure of someone’s ability. There are also smaller schools, colleges, scattered everywhere, but not everyone has the bucks to support a full-fledged university. The school at the City of the Gods is a theological university: whatever you do, once you enter advanced studies (there’s a basic program for young noblemen and noblewomen, like high school) you come out of it a Mithran priest or priest/mage. And it was the closest convent school Alanna’s father could send her to.

There are thousands of mages out there without degrees, but the parchment on the wall means you can charge higher prices and get magical workings that are uniform in quality. Most of those non-university mages learned from local mages, or even traveled from mage to mage to study. Some mages have their own schools, similar to Roger’s at court, but if you want to make it as a top dollar professional, university is the path you have to take.

Most people get in by passing the entrance exams at 16 or older, by paying their fees, and by passing their classes. (Sound familiar?) There are a few exceptions. They admitted Numair at 12, for excellent reasons.

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