Thom the Nerd

Tim: He’s an academic nerd who wants to do well, sure – but not possessed of the level of hubris that his namesake uncle had.

Worst thing that’ll happen to him is, in a year or two, he’ll discover beer – and toga parties – and girls who think student mages are “major hotties.” He’ll probably bring one of his girlfriends home for Midwinter Break – and Alanna will spend the whole two weeks giving her Ye Ole Hairy Eyeball….

Tammy: Actually, mostly Thom’s a school nerd, like Tim said. He takes more after Alanna’s father than her brother. But you’d like him, once you got to know him (he’s shy, but sweet). The way to get his attention is to talk magic intelligently. He also does the student thing, goes around the taverns with his buds arguing important philosophical issues.

Of course, not every student can recognize the kind of prostitute who lures men in and then knocks them out and robs them or has their male partner knock them out and rob them, and hand-signals her away from his friends.

What the Pirate’s Swoop kids regard as common family knowledge and what common families regard as common family knowledge can be two different things!

SOURCE: [25707]