TC: Original vs. Final

Tammy: Aly is no longer a girly-girl. That part just didn’t work. She is also no longer 13 and sulky, but 16 and as laid back as her Da. She also learned just about everything George, Alanna, Myles, Thayet, Jonathan, Daine and Numair had to teach her. The only thing she really wants out of life is to be a field agent, and since neither Da nor Mother will countenance it, she decides to kick back and have fun. Partly because she’s tired of both parents nagging her about doing something with her life, and partly because her parents haven’t seen each other for a year and she wants to give them quality time, she sails down the coast to Port Legann, except she never arrives–she sails into a pirate fleet, is captured, and is sold into the Copper Isles as a slave.

Kyprioth, a trickster god, shows up and offers her a wager: that she can’t keep her owners’ four children alive through the summer. If she wins, she gets a boon from Kyprioth and he speaks to her father about letting her be a real spy. If she loses, she has to serve him for a year. She figures it’s something to do, so she agrees. Then she finds out that paranoid King Oron has taken one of his dislikes to her owners, and they are being exiled to their remotest lands until he feels better about them or until he sends a death squad after them, whichever comes first. Suddenly being low slave on the totem pole and keeping these folks alive becomes a serious job.

The book now opens the second spring of the Scanran war, after the events of LADY KNIGHT, so we learn officially that Daine’s pregnant and marrying Numair. And Aly is having ‘way more fun in this book than the last draft.

Oh–she still dyes her hair blue at the beginning of the book, for fun.}>

SOURCE: [9672]