Still Friends

Tammy: And of course Kel and Neal are still best buds–why wouldn’t they be? Only silly partners try to come between people and their best friends, and Yuki isn’t silly.

No one person can be all things to another person. We need our friends!

I mean, are alanna and jonathan best best friends anymore?

Tammy: You’re right about them not being buddy buddy because he’s the king, but that element was there when he was a prince, too.

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i think it’s a pity the circle of alanna, jon, gary, raoul seemed to be broken… of course they are still friends but not as close durcing their childhood…

Tammy: But they get together all the time! There are balls, holidays, birthdays–I just don’t get the chance to write about them as much! Partly this is due to the successor series being centered around the new kid characters, so most of the time we don’t encounter the old friends. Alanna didn’t go to the palace during Kel’s page years, but she still saw Jon, Gary, and Raoul on a regular basis–so did George, and Myles.

Don’t forget, these days George, Myles, and Gary are Jon’s foremost advisors: they have to meet with him constantly. It isn’t always in the palace, but they get together. Thayet, Buri, Cythera and Eleni are usually there, too. There hasn’t been much public entertaining during the war, and Jon, Thayet, Gary and Cythera have kept pretty close to the capital, but the war is winding down at last (it went into a second year). There will be celebrations to mark its end, as well as the delayed celebrations that should have taken place for Roald’s and Shinko’s wedding.

They’re all better friends than ever!

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