Stealing Mithras With a Happy Heart

Mithraism rose to prominence in the 3rd century A.D., though its roots extend much further back. It emphasized courage, integrity, and moral behaviour, and became very popular with soldiers of the Roman army. With its focus on a saviour, sacrifice, and rebirth, it was also a serious threat to early Christianity. It was exclusive to males, who rose through its seven levels by means of fearsome initiation ceremonies.What do you think? Are Mithros and Mithras related, or just coincidence?

Tammy: The critic Lionel Trilling said, “Immature artists imitate. Mature artists steal.” I steal with a happy heart and a song on my lips. When I stole Mithras, though, I hadn’t learned to file off the serial numbers on my thefts as well as I do now, so some things in the Alanna books you can still trace back to the original manufacturer.

SOURCE: [37353]