Neal’s daughter and Maura (April 2004)

Tammy: Neal’s daughter: I hadn’t even thought about the half-Yamani aspect, though that would actually be quite amusing. What I plan to do when I get to her is show her going for her knighthood with more girls in the mix–Kel and Alanna were the only ones; I want to do a book with Kel and a girl squire, but she also would be dealing with very few other girls. The advantage to Neal’s daughter is that by the time she’s old enough, there will be more girls (and a different training master).

I’ll only continue to write girl knights if I can find a way to do it so I’m not repeating what I’ve done before. Where’s the fun in writing the same thing over and over? I like to be surprised as much as the next person.

Maura of Dunlath may not seem as much fun as the girl knights, but don’t write her off as a warrior yet–things get kinda rugged in Dunlath, remember. And besides, it’s going to be interesting for Maura to be a proper noblewoman when her main attendants include an ogre and a wolf. Somehow I just can’t see her being what people expect.

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