Kel and Blayce

Tammy: I wanted to make the point, and happily (for me) Kel agreed–it’s not necessary to end up with a mate to be happy. Alanna married. Daine was in a relationship we all felt was permanent even if vows weren’t exchanged at the time. But so many of us feel our lives are empty if we’re not partnered up, and that’s just not so. It’s possible to be happy without a lover, and Kel was perfectly happy to let me use her as a case to point this out. (Or as she told me when I asked, “I’m busy!”) She might find a lover down the road, or she might not. She still can live a happy life alone. We have a whole genre, romance, which ends with the female heroes finding the love of their lives. I just wanted to say, at least once, that we can be content with ourselves alone.

I couldn’t tell Blayce’s backstory. Believe it or not, I was trying to stick to literary economy in SQUIRE and LADY KNIGHT, writing strictly about events that center on the main character. Since Blayce’s life never intersected with Kel’s, I had no “in” to who he had been before their paths crossed. Most serial killers (which is really what Blayce was) make being unnoticed a lifestyle; they live quiet, tiny lives, and it’s only in their murders that they appear as anything but losers.

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