Kaddar and Kally

Tammy: The Carthaki stuff is just the result of Kaddar having an immense area to govern and not being able to control all of his nobles. The lands around the western coast are still not reconciled to Kaddar as emperor, and one of the ways they can stick a shiv in him without him being to trace it are to conduct coastal raids on his wife’s homeland.

And, um, Carthak is still a slave nation. Kaddar’s working on it, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and changes like this have to take place over generations. He’s trying to buy some into freedom, but his treasury isn’t limitless, and he’s been spending a lot to bring his rebel nobles into line.

Tammy: Kally and Kaddar just married, though she’s been living in Carthak under his mother’s wing for about a year.

Happy? Hm. Let’s just say they’re having an interesting time of it! Just because duty demanded that Kally marry him doesn’t mean she’s going to make his life easier!

SOURCE: [19838]