Daine’s Pet Peeve

Tammy: Everybody has a pet peeve, and chickens are Daine’s. She always had to round theirs up when she was a kid, and got pecked more than once for carrying them back where they were supposed to be. My sister Kim, also an animal love, has held a grudge against chickens ever since one kept her awake all night and then pecked her right between the eyes.

I never cared much for them (the pecking, and the smell) until, a few years back, I happened to have a chicken as a houseguest for a week. I didn’t know they had such an extensive vocabulary of sounds, or that this one, at least, purred when I petted her face and told her “chick-chick-chick-chicken.” She changed the way I look at chickens, but I was through with the Daine books by then.

SOURCE: [35354]