Daine, Pregnancy, and a Blayce-less War

Tammy: Daine lost her anti-fertility charm in all the shape-changes she made during LADY KNIGHT, and doesn’t remember where or when she lost it. She only realized something was a little off in September, when she couldn’t lace up her breeches. She went to a healer, who gave her the news that she was pregnant. Numair was over the moon.

Where it gets interesting is in Daine’s second and third trimesters. She changed shape so many times in her first three months that the baby got used to it, and has continued to shift shape ever since. Alanna tells Aly it’s very queasy-making to talk to Aunt Daine these days, because Daine keeps changing shape below the waist to accomodate the baby’s changes (infant to horse to rabbit to bird to fawn to cub to . . . you name it). And Numair now really, really wants to get married.

At about the same time as the start of the revised TC, then, Numair has finally talked Daine into marrying him, a week before the baby’s due. It keeps shifting even after it’s born. Here’s the part that may not make it into the book: on its naming day, when Daine’s and Numair’s families come to give the baby its name, Sarra sits the baby down and tells it to pick something and stick to it for a while. I just don’t know what shape/sex the baby picks yet. Aly’s kinda busy, and Kyprioth hasn’t shown her much of what’s going on at home lately.

Oh–the war’s in its second year, though Maggur’s having trouble keeping the Scanrans together now that he doesn’t have Blayce.

SOURCE: [9990]