Changes to TC, Daine, and Numair

Tammy: Everybody remember how TRICKSTER’S CHOICE would be about Aly at 13, during the years of the Grand Progress in SQUIRE, and the sequel would be titled DAUGHTER OF THE LIONESS?

Well, um, I’ve now gotten comments back on the first draft from all of my editors, and I’m going to be making a few changes.

1) The book will be taking place in the spring following the events of LADY KNIGHT (so at least I can get in that mention that Aunt Daine’s baby is due any day now, and I suppose Numair and Daine will have settled their negotiations over the M-word–

FLASH BULLETIN COMING IN, Daine marries Numair in April of the year after LADY KNIGHT, to the tune of considerable jokes from their nearest and dearest that they fully expect her to deliver as she’s speaking her vows.

Yes, my brain is a very noisy place, with all these characters talking in it.

2) Aly is 16.

3) Since she turned out to be so much more like her Da than her Ma, and because she has a bet on with Kyprioth the Trickster, the second book will have a title more like TRICKSTER-something.

We continue with our normally scheduled program.

Tammy: Okay, just another reminder, this will not be another book–it all happens ‘way in the background of TRICKSTER’S CHOICE (September 2003). It’s just that one of the things that makes Aly nuts is that she knows Aunt Daine’s baby is just about due, and she knows Uncle Numy (yes, Aly’s gonna refer to him by y’all’s pet name for him) is wearing Aunt Daine down on the marriage thing.

Daine lost her contraceptive charm during all those shapeshifts she performed over the summer of the first year of the Scanran war. She didn’t even really notice until September, when her human clothes started to get tight and she felt strangely. When she went to see the healer, the healer cracked up and teased her about the daughter of a midwife not recognizing her condition.

Numair went nuts when he found out he was going to be a papa. Now he’s all Mr. Middle Class Respectability and he wants to get married before the baby comes (*right* before, as it happens). Daine couldn’t care one way or another, but since he thinks it’s so important (and she remembers what it was like to be called a #####), she gives in. It doesn’t change their relationship at all–they would never leave each other for any reason, even though until now they told themselves that they wouldn’t trap each other in a marriage because maybe the other one would want out of the relationship. (We know they’d never tire of each other, but they don’t.) But kids do change some things, one of them being that Numair wants to make it official, and Daine knows what it’s like for a kid in their world who doesn’t have a legit dad. And she does love Numair, and he her, so it works out.

Nobody knows if it’s a boy or a girl. It keeps shifting–not just what it is, but what sex it is. That’s the influence of all of Daine’s shapechanges while the baby was just an embryo.

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