Tammy: But that’s what change is: both good and bad. Forest and prairie fires destroy things, but new growth comes in their wake. Imagination can be good (getting paid to write) and bad (daydreaming while taking a test). No one thing in the world is all good (chemotherapy makes you deathly ill; it may also save you from death by cancer), any more than one thing is all bad. The Green Man is the god of fertility and growth, but ask any southern US farmer how good the rapidly growing kudzu vine is.

The gods of the Divine Realms are about order, about the great cycle of life: birth, growth, creation, deterioration, death, and the next cycle begins. Uusoae is your kid sister who crawled over to the Lego castle you just made and with a gleeful “whee!” throws the whole thing up in the air to see the pieces fly.

The truth is we need both, and we need to find a balance in them. Too much order and everything goes stagnant and begins to rot. Too much chaos, and nothing gets done. That’s what the Divine Realms and Chaos symbolize, the precarious balance, and what happens when one side gets too powerful. Or, if you were raised a good Freudian, like me, then id is the selfish grabby part that leaves destruction in its wake; the superego or conscience supplies you with rules for perfection that you feel inadequate for failing to achieve, and the ego is the part of you that lives in the real world and balances between the two.

SOURCE: [19678]