Animal Gods

Does anyone know what happens to the children of animal gods? In “The Realms of The Gods”, it says Daine hears a wolf pack howling, along with pups. When they grow, what happens to the young? Are they extra-smart, or like regular wolves? Do they go to the mortal realms and live like normal wolves?

Tammy: I’d think they would scatter throughout the Divine Realms and form their own packs/herds/forests, etc. And I’d imagine that some break through into the Mortal Realms and settle and die after a much longer lifespan than the purely mortal animals. They would be smarter than mortals, too, but since they’re animals, humans wouldn’t notice in most cases. (I bet a lot of them settle far from humans, for that matter.) Or if a god tires, s/he lets one of her/his offspring take over and s/he journeys into the Black God’s realms (or the mortal world).

The First Oak isn’t lonely–it’s surrounded by its children. There has to be a First Forest, yes?

Everything has to change. If the mortal realms are a reflection of the divine ones, change has to be allowed there, too, though it won’t take the same form as the mortal ones. Change is just more structured in the Divine Realms, since they’re about order. Uusoae’s realms are about change for the sake of change, which is why order and chaos have to balance–both are needed for life, but having one more powerful than the other makes life meaningless.

SOURCE: [19275]