Alanna vs. Kel

Tammy: Alanna learned to joust as a page, even if I didn’t have the space to write about it, but she doesn’t like it in the least. As she puts it, she has better things to do with her day than race around poking at things with a really long stick.

Kel would lever her out of the saddle like popping a clam from its shell. Kel’s younger, bigger, heavier, and she has the touch, as Raoul and Wyldon point out. She’s also had a *lot* more practice than Alanna, who hasn’t picked up a jousting lance since her page days.

So behold: Alanna is unhorsed on the field and is lurching to her feet. (This does presuppose that Alanna would even agree to the joust. The truth is, she doesn’t. As she says, she has better things to do with her day.) Kel trots around to see if Alanna’s okay. Alanna takes off her helm, draws her sword, and uses her free hand to beckon to Kel as she grins evilly.

Alanna: Come on down here and we’ll see who calls who “Shorty.”
Kel: Uh-oh.

Kel dismounts and takes sword in hand because she’s an honest knight, and Alanna slices and dices.

Kel: Ow.

You’ll get a glimpse of them in TRICKSTER’S CHOICE!

SOURCE: [20090]