Liam and Alanna

Tammy: I thought he was majorly hot, and so was the guy I based him on, which absolutely baffled the men I worked with–they’d see the women gravitating to this guy who was nowhere near the classical definition of good looks. He had what they used to call “It”, or sex appeal, that transcended handsomeness.

And I’ve had relationships that didn’t work out because the guy didn’t like some aspect of me. My first long-term relationship foundered because I started writing again, and my boyfriend didn’t care for this thing that kept taking me away from him. Not every romance works out. Alanna and Liam had the sexual attraction going, and that worked for a while, but she could never be easy with someone who wasn’t comfortable with all of her, and he just didn’t care for the magic. (Not everyone likes it, you know.)

Guys, let’s face it: he picks her up in a bar. They had fun; they learned from each other, and then it ended, and they were even better together as friends!

SOURCE: [2517]