The Moments and Buri

Tammy: One of the coolest things about this entire thread is seeing that people noticed and appreciated things I really put a lot of work into that wasn’t some kind of major event in the book: Daine’s advice to Kally, what Alanna tells the resurrected Roger, Neal’s comment that Kel’s the way she was made, Buri telling Kel she beats idealism out of the trainees, that there can be so much love in someone’s eyes that it can scare you as well as warm you. The lines don’t take up a lot of the space in the story, but they’re all from my heart. It’s just really nice to know that I didn’t just throw some of the things I feel about deeply out into a vaccum.

Tammy: Buri is being her usual, K’mir-practical self. (Remember, she’s not particularly imaginative.) She figures real idealists are like bread; you have to punch them down really hard so when they rise again they don’t overflow the pan and get burned to a crackly crunch.

SOURCE: [1730]