Numair during SotL, Spymaster, and the Whisper Man

First the one about Numair. In Alanna the first adventure when Thom said that there were only 3 people who were strong enough to send the sweating sickness, was one Numair, who were they, and how old was Numair then? Now on the the George one, I’m thinking this is pretty obveuse (sp.) but just to be sure, isn’t George the “Whisper Man?”

Tammy: Numair was ‘way too young–he’s 3 years younger than Alanna, who was a page during the Sweating Sickness.

Myles would tell you that he’s the spymaster everyone watches, while George (the “Whisper Man”) does the actual work under everyone’s noses. And Myles and George consult about all the information George’s agents gather. George says Myles is far craftier than he is, though he’s hoping that with enough practice he’ll be as tricky as his step-da. }>

SOURCE: [2570]