Marriages in Tortall

Tammy: It depends on the religion. Mithrans have cermonies which include the couple lighting a fire together, and wearing marigold necklaces which they trade with each other. Marriages under the Goddess follow the Wiccan mode, with the ribbons. If people are married under the faith of the Wave-Walker, they get dunked in a river, pool, or sea together; the bride has a headdress made of shells (for fertility). There are as many rituals as there are faiths. All require an exchange of vows, so everyone knows what they’re getting into, and prayers from the priests or priestesses. Some have attendants, some have family and friends throwing flowers, or grain . . . It all depends.

A royal wedding in Tortall is performed by a priestess of the Goddess and a priest of Mithros, and involves attendants, long trains for both the king and queen, incense, candles, and earth in the bride and groom’s shoes to remind them of their connection to the land.

Alanna and George were married before the Goddess, with their close friends in attendance. The Goddess showed up to bless them, which is something nobody talks about, because it’s kinda scary to meet a Great God in person (unless you’re Alanna’s daughter, getting in the face of a trickster).

SOURCE: [2591]