Inheritance: Trebond

What happened to Trebond?

Tammy: I think I mentioned it *very* briefly in LIONESS RAMPANT (obviously too briefly, since you’re actually one of many who’s asked): it went to Coram as a barony.

See, it’s like this: the fiefdoms in Tortall are in the royal grant, which means that nobles’ lands and titles are granted to them by the monarch (or in the case of Jon and Thayet, the monarchs). So long as there is a legitimate heir (to about half of these fiefs), or a legitimate male heir (the other half, which includes Trebond) to the line, those grants belong to the family for life. Trebond was one of the really old-fashioned fiefdoms in which inheritance is secured to the male line. There were no other immediate male heirs (not within 3 degrees of cousinship), so when Thom died, the royal grant returned to the crown. Jon granted the fiefdom, though it’s now a barony, and the title of baron to Coram. Coram’s kids can train for knighthood (he married Rispah), and I think some of them came and went as pages/ squires/knights before and after Kel’s page years.

So there you have it, the whole legal mess. Mind, if Trebond*’s inheritance were secured to the family, regardless of sex, Alanna would have inherited. But it wasn’t, so she didn’t. Not that she minds: Trebond needs a full-time master to keep order in that part of the realm, and her allowance as heiress of Olau lets her live well. She always cared more about the realm than her own lands, anyway.

NOTES FROM Words of Tamora Pierce
*Originally mistyped as Tortall

SOURCE: [2966]