Ennobling and Trebond

Tammy: I’m sure Dove will ennoble the family at some point, for service to the crown, just as Jon ennboled George and Coram (and Rispah was ennboled by then marrying Coram). But even if Aly ahd been living in Rajmuat under her own name, she would have become a commoner’s wife when she married Nawat.

And it wasn’t Alanna who gave Trebond to Coram, it was Jon. The title reverted to the control of the crown when there was no male heir of the bloodline to inherit it. Some Tortallan fiefdoms are inherited that way; some it doesn’t matter if the heir is male or female. It all depends on how the royal grant was made in the first place. With Trebond, inheritance was secured only to the male line. Now it will be Coram’s heirs, and (with Rispah’s and Alanna’s eyes on him when he negotiated and received the grant and signed it) the fiefdom will now pass to his heirs, whatever their sex, male or female.

Not that he would have assigned inheritance only to the boys on his own!

I hope.

Really, it’s just as well, don’t you think?

SOURCE: [54639]