Conté and Fiefs, Numair’s Past, Why Aly’s a Pain, and Future Books

1) What is Conte? Example: Keladry of Mindelin is from Mindelan, where is Conte? Is the royal line from there?

Tammy: Conte used to be just another fiefdom, located somewhere around the Royal Forest. It’s still the home domain of the Conte line.

2) Was Numair born and raised in Carthak?

Tammy: Numair was born Arram Draper to a merchant family by that name in Tyra, and his family still lives there. (Tim has had lots of fun over the years with Numair and Daine going home for things like weddings and funerals and Arram getting the third degree about when he’s getting married, and isn’t she a little, well, odd?)

4) Why is Aly a pain to write?

Tammy: Because she’s very different from the kind of person I like as a character and a friend–she’s totally Ms. Casual, she doesn’t appear to really care about anything, she’s sneaky and manipulative, and that kind of person in real life makes me crazy. All of those things make her very good at what she does, but as far as I’m personally concerned, it makes her a pain in the patoot to hang out with!

6) Is the list on your site all of the books you are planning or are there more?

Tammy: Those are the ones I have serious ideas for. I don’t want to mention not-serious ideas and then end up not doing anything and disappointing people.

9) Just how many fiefs are there in Tortall?

Tammy: I never counted. A lot of them are really small, and it is a big country.

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